One-and-Done Dental Implant Procedure

Advanced technical process reduces your implant surgeries from 3 to 1, which means fewer office visits, faster healing times, and even less cost.

1 Day. 1 Doctor. 1 Procedure. All Done.

Traditional approaches to dental implants often mean multiple days, multiple doctors, and multiple office visits. Your experience with Dr. Salmassy at Auburn Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will be different. Much different. We can often extract the tooth, make adjustments to the location, place the dental implant, provide bone grafting if necessary, and place the tissue healing abutment all at the same time.  You have one surgery instead of the more common 3. After the 3-4 months healing phase, you’ll be ready for the implant to be restored. We call it the “One and Done.” You’ll call it life-changing.

It starts with your free Implant consultation.

More About One-and-Done Dental Implant Procedure

Patients are often told that their treatment plan will take up to a year to complete.  Dr. Salmassy can complete multiple steps in one surgery, reducing the treatment time to 3-4 months total.

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach to dental implants typically requires you make multiple visits to different locations, see different doctors on different days and even pay separate fees.

Here’s a common approach:

  • A tooth is extracted, the bone defect grafted, and then there is four to six months of healing before the implant can be placed.
  • The implant is then placed and a traditional healing time for osseointegration is another four to six months. (Some cases require the implant to be uncovered and a healing abutment placed which is three to four weeks of additional healing before being cleared to start restoring)
  • The patient is evaluated for implant integration and then cleared for restoration, and the general dentist notified of the implant status.  They then must contact the general dentist office, get on their schedule, and have them take an impression, send it off to the dental lab, receive the case back in two to three weeks. This is followed by an abutment seating appointment many times, to confirm that the impression phase was a success and the abutment fits into the implant.
  • The abutment is then sent back to the lab and the crown is completed on top of the abutment.  The patient is then rescheduled for a final seating appointment to deliver the restoration.
  • Total time: eight to twelve months plus the restorative time, sometimes two months.

One-and-Done Dental Implant Approach

With the One-and-Done Dental Implant procedure, you’ll enjoy life-changing results in fewer office visits, with faster healing times, and even with less cost.

Patient example of One-and-Done Implant procedure
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First image shows accidental fracture of front tooth. Second image shows a tooth removed and replaced with implant. And third image shows the replacement crown in place.

Patient example of One-and-Done Implant procedure for molar
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First image shows back tooth can’t be saved. Second image shows immediate implant after extraction. And third image shows final crown in place.

On many cases, Dr. Salmassy can often extract the tooth, modify the bone site, place the dental implant, and bone graft the site if there is any defect present. He also place the tissue healing abutment at the same time. So our office provides the three surgeries of extraction, bone grafting, implant placement with tissue healing abutment all at one setting.

The patient has one surgery, one three to four months healing phase, and then is ready for the implant to be restored.

Benefits to the patient:

Fewer surgeries results in fewer office visits, less time off work, school, or time out of their personal life.

It often saves the patient fees on the bone grafting because we can place the implant at the same time as the extraction, less bone material is required (if at all) and we charge a “materials only fee” then not a bone grafting fee.

If you are interested in the One-and-Done Dental Implant procedure, get in touch with us today to arrange a complimentary consultation. We will speak you in depth about your dental history, your requirements and concerns and explain all your treatment options to you so can come to an informed decision.


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