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Breathe, speak, and chew easier with corrective jaw surgery.

Jaw surgery can be highly beneficial to those experiencing trouble with chewing, biting or swallowing food, chronic jaw pain

Corrective jaw surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery and can be used to solve a range of dental irregularities. It can re-align jaws and teeth, helping patients improve their speaking, chewing and breathing. The surgery can enhance the aesthetic appearance of teeth as well as boosting efficiency. When you talk Dr. Salmassy, you’ll find a highly caring and knowledgable individual who will answer all your questions about jaw surgery and review the best options for your dental care. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn how he can make you smile.

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About Jaw Surgery

What’s the process for Jaw Surgery?

We can meet you for a consultation to identify the right kind of treatment for your needs. It is worth noting that some procedures can take years to complete, so we will always pay close attention to the needs of you and your family. Before the surgery takes place, we will use orthodontic braces to move your teeth into a new position that will fit together more efficiently after surgery. We may need to give you a general anesthetic to perform the surgery. We could need to add bone, reshape it or take it away depending on your needs.

Incisions will usually be made on the inside of your mouth to avoid scarring and may use screws, wires and surgical plates to keep your jaws in the right position. There are four stages of treatment, which include the treatment you’ll receive before orthodontics, the orthodontics themselves, the surgical treatment and post-surgery treatment.

Once surgery or parts of it have been completed, you will be given advice on how to modify your diet so the treatment is effective. We can provide you with medication to help you deal with pain resulting from the surgery. The initial healing phase should take around six weeks, though it could take up to a year for healing to complete fully.

Who typically has Jaw Surgery?

This type of surgery can be highly beneficial to those experiencing trouble with chewing, biting or swallowing food, chronic jaw pain or those who have an unbalanced facial appearance, have experienced facial injuries or open bite, have sleep apnea, face difficulty with making the lips meet and other issues. Corrective jaw surgery can help those with improper bites and people who have been living with certain defects since birth. The surgery may be extremely beneficial if you have jaw misalignment. We may need to reposition all or parts of your upper and lower jaws as well as your chin. Contact us today to find out more about our corrective jaw surgery procedures.

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