Patient Reviews

What our patients are saying about Auburn Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

The best of the best. I was very impressed.

Charles Chernack

I have to say that this is the best oral surgeon money can buy. The event went without a hitch and he and his staff did a very professional job

Lew Orban

I feel it’s much better than a bridge that would destroy the integrity of the teeth on either side.

Vita N.

I’m enjoying my meals tremendously. Overall, my speech has not changed. I feel more confident to smile and laugh without covering my mouth.

Rodney R.

For the first time in 40 years I have the confidence to smile. No more space between my two front teeth.

Danielle B.

I feel like I am back to where I was before my molar cracked. I have no pain in chewing. I am well pleased with everything you did.

Harold D.

It works as well as my “real” set of teeth. I can bite into apples and chew crunchy or “chewy” items easily. I can talk and smile without worry!

Carol D.

I had a bridge. It failed so it was suggested I have the implant. It is wonderful. I couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was so professional and nice. They all treated this Senior Citizen with courtesy. I love you all!

Barbara G.

It was so painless, I’m thinking of doing more teeth for aesthetic reasons. And Dr. Salmassy has the greatest patient concern and empathy I’ve ever experienced in the dental field!!

Shelly K.

It’s wonderful to not have to think about this tooth. I just treat it like a regular healthy tooth. It looks and feels like my real tooth.

Lou W.

My implants replaced two of my teeth that had to be removed. The implants are helping keep all my teeth from moving their position in my mouth. The implants are a lot more comfortable than the bridge they replaced.

Theodore J.

I can chew again. I should have done it sooner. It was done in about three months.

David M.

Everything works exceptionally. I do not even notice the implants. They feel normal.

Don F.

The implants function and feel like my own teeth and better because there is no sensitivity to cold, which I suffer from with many of my real teeth.

Debbie J.

Fantastic. The staff was exceptional. Polite, efficient and prepared. I felt welcome and in good hands. They took, the time to explain every part of the procedure in detail so there were no surprises. The billing was explained and I understood everything that took place. Thank you for a great experience.

Randy Sedwick

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