Dental Implant Options for Your New Smile

When it comes to replacing some or all of your teeth, there are three main options that are based on what final outcome someone is looking for. We also have special financial arrangements that can be made to help you achieve the outcome you choose.

Option A

The first, entry-level set of teeth (shown below), are a full arch of teeth that use two implants to hold them in place. These are removable teeth, that allow for them to be taken out and cleaned and reinserted, using unique button snaps on top of the implants. These are denture teeth that hold still and are very functional.

Option B

The second type (shown below) is similar to those above, using four implants that allow for better stability because all the implants are connected using a thin bar that the teeth snap over. This allows even better function and comfort.

Option C

The third option (shown below) involves four implants that are placed at the time of the procedure and your new teeth are immediately connected to the implants, optimizing the result from the very first day. These give the best appearance and function from the start. After four to six months, a new set of teeth that are made out of porcelain, are delivered giving you the most natural looking and functional teeth available. These are permanently placed (retained) and not removable except by the doctor. While two sets of teeth are used in this option, it allows for complete customization of the desired outcome. This is the most common option chosen in our experience.

Option D

A new option has recently emerged as a great fusion of the removable set of teeth that can become permanently fixed to a set of four implants. This is a great option for people that do not want to go the route of and additional expense of a porcelain set of teeth. It is a very cost-effective way to get a fixed set of teeth, that are made from acrylic and have a great success rate as well. A cost range for this plan is between $15,000 and $17,500 depending on whether there is an existing set of teeth we can use to attach when the implants are placed.


There are cost differences between the three options, depending on the final outcome selected. Option (A) cost around $10,000-$12,000 per arch depending on the laboratory expenses and if there is removal of teeth involved. If you choose to finance this option, payments would start at $217 monthly for five years.

When selecting the second type (B), a first set of teeth are created to go in at the time the implants are placed, but they are not connected to the implants until six months later, when the connecting bar can be fabricated. Then the same set of teeth are refitted over the bar for connection to the implants, and on occasion, a new set of teeth are made and fitted to the bar if necessary. The cost for this approach usually comes in around $12,000-$15,000 PER ARCH due to the increase in the number of implants and the laboratory costs in making the teeth. With financing, you might expect a payment of $282 monthly for five years.

The most common option, (C) has more involved steps but the most natural outcome when it comes to appearance, speech, and chewing function. They require the least maintenance afterwards and are more likely to last you the rest of your life. There are more steps involved in advance of the placement of the teeth, and the option to customize the final teeth to meet every expectation. The fee using this approach averages between $20,000-$25,000 for an arch of teeth. With financing, monthly payments between $395 to $495 depending on terms selected.


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